Turnbuckle Hook & Hook Open Body – Stainless Steel

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Open Body Turnbuckle

These Open Body Turnbuckles are made from high quality marine grade stainless steel and are designed to attach to a wide range of fixtures and fittings. Turnbuckles are specifically suited to tensioning Shade Sails, Ballustrading, Wire Rope or other systems where stainless wire requires tension.

Die Cast Open Body – Forged Hook Ends

Stainless Steel

Available in the following sizes,

Thread Size 5mm (Closed Length 130mm, Fully Opened Length 190mm)

Thread Size 6mm (Closed Length 170mm, Fully Opened Length 240mm)

Thread Size 8mm (Closed Length 210mm, Fully Opened Length 310mm)

Thread Size 10mm (Closed Length 265mm, Fully Opened Length 385mm)

Thread Size 12mm (Closed Length 325mm, Fully Opened Length 490mm)

Seizing, Binding or Galling

**All Threads will seize under high tension. It is a well known and accepted problem especially when using Stainless Steel or other alloys such as aluminium, etc. As pressure builds between the contacting and sliding surfaces protective oxides are broken, possibly wiped off, and interface metal high points shear or lock together. This cumulative clogging-shearing-locking action causes increasing adhesion. In the extreme, galling leads to seizing (the actual freezing together of the threads). If tightening is continued the fastener can be twisted off or it’s threads ripped out.

The frequency of threads seizing can be reduced by using antiseize compounds , but not eliminated. There are also other ways to minimize the occurrence of thread seizing, 

Keep the thread clean and away from dirt and grit, etc.

Tighten the Turnbuckle or Eyebolt slowly. Work them back and forth occasionally to feel if it is tight when loosening.

If the Turnbuckle or Eyebolt feels like it is heating up around the threaded part of the body it is because the metal threads are rubbing against each other under high tension. This can be an early sign that it may seize due to overloading. It may be that you need to go up a size to reduce the overloading. 

**Seizing is not a product fault but is the nature of Stainless Steel material**