Silt Fence Erosion Control

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Silt Erosion Control Fence

Silt Fence is designed to contain sediment whilst still allowing drainage and prevents fine debris from flowing into waterways and stormwater systems. It is a great short term option on building and landscaping projects and, in some cases, is a legal requirement by council. Water is allowed to pass through the fabric whilst the sol particles settle down to the ground. The Silt Fence is buried approx 20cm into the ground with the top of it above ground and attached securely to timber, metal or plastic stakes.

Silt Fence is an economy grade woven mesh manufactured from UV Stabilised Polypropylene.

Silt Fence is designed for short term projects only. 

.86m wide

Colours – Green

Most Councils now have a legal requirement for Silt Fence to be used on building and renovation sites

Available in 50m Roll Only