Shadefix PVC Cover Strip with Galvanised Strips

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Shadefix Cover Strip

Shadefix is a cost effective and professional looking product for fastening shadecloth either temporarily or permanently. Shadefix can be used on domestic or commercial applications such as enclosing entertainment areas, pergola roofs, verandahs and patios. The Shadefix fastening system allows easy removal of the shadecloth so it can be re-tensioned or removed and replaced. Shadefix can be used on both timber and metal frames and is easily installed by nailing, screwing or riveting through the galvanised strip that is inserted in the bottom part of the cover strip. You then fasten your shadecloth over the galvanised hooks/strips and once it’s all neat and tidy you trim it off and click the top of the cover strip into place.

Designed to be used continually around the perimeter of the area

Not designed for use with waterproof or woven fabrics

PVC Cover Strip includes Shadefix Metal Strips

1.83 Metre Length

2 Parts

Beige only

*PVC Corners available (see our store for separate listing) to make the finish of the job look neater.


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