200gsm Rainbow Shade Z16 3m wide

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Rainbow Shade Z16 Commercial Grade Shade Cloth

Architectural Commercial Shadecloth is primarily designed for use on Shade Sails and Tension Structures in both domestic, residential and commercial applications. It is equally suited for use on pergolas, privacy screens, exterior blinds, ground covers, sandpit covers, pool leaf covers and caravan annex awnings.

As one of Australia’s most popular shade cloth fabric brands, Z16 holds an unrivalled reputation for durability, UV-R performance and quality. This shade cloth fabric offers the ultimate UV-R and UPF protection (up to 99%). Tests prove Z16 to be the best performing shade sail cloth fabric for UV-R Protection and longevity over 15 years. Available in a wide range of colours, Z16 is suitable for a range of applications including shade sails, shade structures, car parks, pools and schools. Designed to reduce glare, heat and provide comfort and protection, this high quality shade cloth fabric is the perfect choice for your next shade project.


  • 3m wide (folded)
  • Up to 99% UV Protection
  • Fabric Weight – 200gsm
  • Manufactured from UV Stabilised HDPE using a knitted construction
  • Combination of Heavy Duty Monofilament thread and Tape construction
  • Physically Stronger then Standard, Domestic and Horticultural Shadecloth and is designed for use where maximum strength and sun protection is required
  • Heat Set stentoring process which is an extra step during the manufacture process designed to reduce fabric shrinkage and make the fabric more stable and easy to work with.
  • Fire Rated Fabric AS-1530-3
  • 10-Year Manufacturers Warranty against UV Breakdown (Conditions Apply)


Atomic Orange (92.7% UV, 82.5% Shade)
Black (99% UV, 97% Shade)
Charcoal (96% UV, 96% Shade)
Chocolate (95% UV, 94% Shade)
Cinnamon (94.4% UV, 91.5% Shade)
Desert Sand (97% UV, 89% Shade)
Electric Purple (90.5% UV, 82.8% Shade)
Eucalyptus (93.8% UV, 90.6% Shade)
Gumleaf (98% UV, 91% Shade)
Ice White (83.3% UV, 62.4% Shade)
Laguna Blue (93% UV, 89% Shade)
Mulberry (94% UV, 91% Shade)
Navy Blue (93% UV, 93% Shade)
Olive (95.1% UV, 89.4% Shade)
Rainforest (98% UV, 91% Shade)
Red Earth (96.7% UV, 92.2% Shade)
Royal Blue (95% UV, 88% Shade)
Rust Gold (88% UV, 87% Shade)
Silver Grey (97% UV, 93% Shade)
Sunflower Yellow (94.7% UV, 79.4% Shade)
Sunset Red (93% UV, 77% Shade)
Terracotta (87% UV, 84% Shade)
Turquoise (92% UV, 84% Shade)
Zesty Lime (91.7% UV, 83.7% Shade)

Available in Cut Length or 50m Roll