400gsm Polyfab Comshade Xtra 4m wide

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Polyfab Comshade Xtra Commercial Grade Shade Cloth

Architectural Commercial Shadecloth is primarily designed for use on Shade Sails and Tension Structures in both domestic, residential and commercial applications.

Comshade Xtra significantly exceeds any other shadecloth on the market for UV protection and strength to weight ratios. It is ideal for medium and large sized, high tensile commercial projects where safety and longevity are critical. Comshade Xtra has been developed using the very latest knitting and yarn technology to minimise the fabric weight whilst also maximizing the extremely high fabric tear and tensile strength. Comshade Xtra provides a very stable stretch within the shadecloth. This results in a fabric that will maintain its tension and longevity when designed, engineered and installed correctly by an approved and certified builder.


  • 4m wide (unfolded)
  • Up to 99.7% UV Protection
  • Fabric Weight – 400gsm
  • Highest Levels of UV coverage factor of any shadecloth
  • Manufactured from UV Stabilised HDPE using a knitted construction
  • Developed using the latest knitting and yarn technology to minimise fabric weight while maximising the extremely high fabric tear and tensile strength
  • Physically Stronger then Standard, Domestic and Horticultural Shadecloth and is designed for use where maximum strength and sun protection is required
  • Heat Set stentoring process which is an extra step during the manufacture process designed to reduce fabric shrinkage and make the fabric more stable and easy to work with.
  • Complies to the Building Code of Australia’s general requirements for Flammability FR
  • 15-Year Manufacturers Warranty against UV Breakdown (Conditions Apply)


Aquamarine (97.1% UV, 90.8% Shade)
Aspen (98.6% UV, 89.7% Shade)
Bronze (98.5% UV, 92.1% Shade)
Charcoal (99.7% UV, 99.5% Shade)
Jade (99% UV, 98.4% Shade)
Midnight Green (99.5% UV, 98.4% Shade)
Mushroom (98.3% UV, 97.4% Shade)
Navy Blue (99.4% UV, 98.8% Shade)
Porcelain (98.9% UV, 83.5% Shade)
Silver (94.9% UV, 85.5% Shade)

Available in Cut Length or 40m Roll