Mulch Mat 30gsm

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Mulch Mat is designed for use in landscaping, gardens and nurseries for weed control under mulch/gravel/etc. It is also used extensively in worm farming to filter the worm castings. Mulch Mat is micro-porous and has no visible holes or gaps, which enables much greater water permeability than Weedmat. Mulchmat is manufactured from spun polyester and won’t fray when cut. Mulch mat has greater water permeability then woven Weedmat yet still prevents weeds and allows air to flow through to help maintain healthy plants.

Available in .8m wide or 1.6m wide


Colours – Black

Spun Polyester

* For longer life it is recommended you protect the Mulch Mat from direct sunlight by covering it with mulch or other ground coverings.

Available in 50m Roll Only