Flashing (Lead Free) for Rafter Brackets & Pipe

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Tube Flashing

Dektite Tube Flashing is designed for use with the Rafter Brackets to seal the hole made in the roof after installing a Rafter Bracket to secure a shade sail. Can also be used on roof posts.

Lead Free for Rafter Brackets & Pipe


Paintable & can withstand temperatures from minus 50° up to 115°c

Available in the following sizes

100mm x 100mm – Suits Pipe Diameter up to 35mm

140mm x 140mm – Suits Pipe Diameter up to 55mm

180mm x 180mm – Suits Pipe Diameter 50mm to 80mm

220mm x 220mm – Suits Pipe Diameter up to 127mm

220mm x 220mm – Suits SQUARE Post Diameter up to 125mm