290gsm Polyfab FR Comshade 3.8m wide

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Polyfab FR Comshade Commercial Grade Shade Cloth

FR Shadecloth should be used in tensioned shade sails & structures in high volume areas such as shopping centres, tourist attractions, parks, restaurants, child care centres, car yards, schools, etc.

FR Shadecloth is the logical choice for areas subject to stringent building and safety regulations

Architectural Commercial Shadecloth is primarily designed for use on Shade Sails and Tension Structures in both domestic, residential and commercial applications.

Comshade is an innovative commercial, heavy duty knitted shadecloth designed for medium sized tension membrane shade structures where the shadecloth fabric is placed under greater loading strains. Comshade has less shrinkage and is more stable than other shade cloths, while maintaining high strength and over 90% UV protection. It is made from virgin resins and the best UV stabilizers which are lead and heavy metal free.


  • 3.8m wide (folded)
  • Up to 98% UV Protection
  • Fabric Weight – 290gsm
  • Manufactured from UV Stabilised HDPE using a knitted construction
  • Combination of Heavy Duty Monofilament thread and Tape construction
  • Physically Stronger then Standard, Domestic and Horticultural Shadecloth and is designed for use where maximum strength and sun protection is required
  • Heat Set stentoring process which is an extra step during the manufacture process designed to reduce fabric shrinkage and make the fabric more stable and easy to work with.
  • Complies to the Building Code of Australia’s general requirements for Flammability FR
  • FR Comshade also meets the stringent California Fire Marshall Flame Resistance Title 19
  • 10-Year Manufacturers Warranty against UV Breakdown (Conditions Apply)


Aquamarine (94.5% UV, 90.5% Shade)
Cappuccino (97.6% UV, 92.9% Shade)
Midnight Green (97.1% UV, 96.8% Shade)
Porcelain (95.9% UV, 79.8% Shade)
Sandstone (95.3% UV, 86.3% Shade)
Silver (95.5% UV, 93.4% Shade)
White (91.7% UV, 75.6% Shade)

Available in 30m Roll only